The Side of University no one talks about


Soo many different people. Different personalities and walk of life, cultures, faiths, beliefs.

Different personalities and walk of life, cultures, faiths, beliefs.

It is a bubble in a sense. Especially if you are staying in your university city. Finding a group of your own can be hard if you are someone like me- a person who favours quality relationships with people over quantity and finds it hard to make friends. You will think ‘what does she mean by this?’ but you will find that even though some people will say that they want strong relationships with people, it is just theory. The practical side is very different: In a generation where people are always cautious of people and the possibility of some having ulterior motives, it becomes difficult to form these bonds with people. However, in saying this, I have found that you will always find the gems in the crowd- you know those individuals that although you don’t share the same social circle, you hit it off and they become the support system you can count on.

One thing I have to admit is that I never expected to experience the levels of loneliness that I experienced. It actually shocked me. I can say that although I consider myself socially able, I am also an introvert to some extent. The best way I can get you to understand what I mean is that I am able to socialise in a crowd. But if the crowd is too big, it makes me nervous or even anxious. It turns out that I am not alone in this feeling.

It turns out that I am not alone in this feeling. I have had numerous conversations with friends who attend a different university to mine and have experienced the same feelings of loneliness. There are a few things however that I have found to be helpful in helping me to fill my time whenever  feel lonely.

  1. Calling mum👥

A phone call with my mum reassures me that what I am feeling shall pass. She gives me the pep talk that I need to carry on to the next day. I even call her when I don’t want to necessarily attend my lectures. Ha! Those phone calls are soo funny.

2. Watch a film or series🎦

It took me 2 and a half weeks to finish my favourite television series, Criminal Minds, from season one to twelve. It is funny that I am proud to say this.😁 I am soo up to date that I now wait every Wednesday for the new episode. I also finished Game of Thrones. I have found a new hobby in watching films and tv shows. It is also a great sentence starter when you meet new people and go into conversations about what you like and dislike.

3. Cooking🎂

I have found cooking to be very enjoyable. University brings out the cook in all of us and the combinations you create makes for some laughter amongst your flatmates.

4. Gym Membership🏋

This is where I can actually say that the university bubble has proven useful. If I feel lonely at any time of the day, regardless of how late it is, the gym is a walking distance from my accommodation. The gym life has become very therapeutic as well during times of stress such as exams season or when the deadlines are coming up.

5. Pick up a new skill✍

I believe that our time in University can be greatly expanded by learning new skills. For me, that was choosing to self-teach myself Spanish, thanks to my Babbel app. It means I can do this on my laptop or phone when and where ever. Other examples can range from volunteering or learning an instrument, driving etc.

*Disclaimer: the views expressed in this article are the authors own and subject to be different for other people*